Heat Embossed Tags

Heat Embossed Tags


Heat Embossed Tags.

I am new to Heat Embossing but from what I’ve done I think I am going to like it a lot.

These were really easy to do and so much fun. I made these for the bake sale to have tags on the boxes of cupcakes. I thought they would be cute and I can write the name of the cake on the back of the tag and emboss it.

Items you need:
Stamp of your choice
Versamark ink pad
Embossing powder
Heat tool (be careful kiddos)
Tags measuring 1 and 3/4 X 3
Hole Punch
Ribbon or bakers twine

Cut your paper to the size above or you can cut any size you like.

Using a corner rounder, round the corners, punch a hole in the center.

Using the powder dab it onto to you tag to remove the oils and static from the paper.

Select your stamp and ink it up in the versamark ink. This is a clear ink but you can see the stamped image.

Pick the color of embossing powder and pour it onto the stamped image.

Pat off the excess and place it back into the container. Your image is now on the tag. Do Not touch the image it will wipe away.

Using your heat tool gently heat up the powder until it changes to a glossy color.

Congratulation you just made an embossed tag.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help with embossing. I’m still new at it but I think together we can learn a lot about it and make all kinds of things with it.


Check out the video here:



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