Losing a loved one

For 10 years we have had a special pet in our home. She was tiny but mighty. Her name was Penney and she was a Parakeet. We lost her on March 1, 2018 around 1:45am to be exact.

Things were fine and she was her usual cheerful self all week and then I noticed her holding up her right leg on Wednesday and at first I thought she stretched it too much because she would always stretch when I came in to see her in the mornings and we’d chat for a few minutes and I’d feed and water her and tell her I was going in the craft room to work and would come see her in a bit. I kept hearing her flap her wings so I went back in to check on her. I asked if she was ok and of course she didn’t answer me but I noticed she was holding up her leg still so I called my husband and he told me to call the vet so I did. When I called them they were not able to get her in until Thursday 3-1-18 until 5:15 pm. I said it would be fine. I went back to working and she kept flapping her wings so I kept checking on her.

Within a few hours and me constantly going in there she took a very drastic turn. She was no longer standing on either foot and she seemed to be laying in a ball or using her mouth to climb around her cage. My husband had gotten home and we called any and every vet we could find to get in to see someone. Of course NO ONE would see her because they aren’t avian vets. The only one in the area was not working until the next day so I begged them to please call her and ask her what to do? They were not able to but told me to call first thing in the morning. I told them I didn’t think she would make it through the night, she was going down hill super fast. Sadly I was right. we checked on her ever 15 minutes or so and we loved on her and told her we loved her so much and I was so sorry she was in pain and I wish I could help her.

I couldn’t sleep that night. The thought of her suffering was weighing heavy on me and making me feel worse and worse. I cried and was scared for her. I went up to see her at 1:45am and she was gone. My sweet baby girl had passed away and was no longer suffering.

After researching and looking at any and all websites we had discovered many things. Did you know birds hide if they are sick so other animals wont try to hurt them? I didn’t know house birds did that but she could have been sick for a month and we never knew. She could have had a tumor on her kidney. We just don’t know.

We have had 3 Parakeets and they all have passed now. When I moved to Oklahoma I had Petey. I had had him for many years and then he started acting different and was also holding up his foot and I took him the vet and they couldn’t diagnose him with anything because he was so small. That may have happened to Penney too, I will never know. Paulie we lost 3 years ago. We never even saw him act different. We had gotten Penney and Paulie together and they were less than a year old.

My house is quiet now. No more singing in the mornings and I miss her so much. Going up to my craft room is really hard because I would always hear her and talk with her. She would constantly whistle and it was the prettiest thing to hear. I miss her so much. It is really hard to go about normal life without her. I am trying too but it is a struggle.

It’s funny how much your pets can become your children. They become so special and you enjoy having them around you. For me it’s a comfort. It’s like having small children in the house and I love it.

We are talking about getting another one but I am not ready yet. I guess we will see as time heals.

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